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Bible Study Reviews & Recommendations

I feel so strongly that Christians need to be engaging WITH God through the Word of God that I am happy to review and recommend my favorite Bible Studies.  

Our Latest Blog Entry

Clay in the POTTER'S HANDS by Diana Pavlac Glyer

This fascinating Bible study was recommended to me by  local potter Marianne Gruzlewski, whom I met at the annual Whistle Stop Arts & Crafts Festival at Holy Innocents Church in Valrico, Florida.  With the recommendation coming directly from a potter, I anticipated an authentic examination of our relationship with God through this analogy, and I wasn't disappointed!  Diana Pavlac Glyer examines this Biblical metaphor through engaging chapters each focusing on a different element of pottery creation.  Each topical chapter is short enough to be used as a daily or weekly devotional. This is honestly one of the best Bible studies I've read in a long time.  

Quote from the back cover:

"As God hovers over his creation, centering us or shaping us or even restoring us from collapse, he may transform us in ways we never imagined."

Our Second Blog Entry


I plan to review other Bible studies as time allows.  Please check back in future or email me with a recommendation!

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