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Professional Fiduciary Services & Elder Advocacy Consultation Services

Elizabeth Lyon-Hall is a certified Professional Guardian, which means that she has passed national and Florida state ethics testing, is registered with the state as well as local jurisdictions, is licensed, bonded and undergoes routine criminal background and credit checks.  Because of this rigorous licensing, she is a trustworthy professional to handle finances in a fiduciary capacity.  Elizabeth also has extensive knowledge as a guardian and serves as a Consultant to families needing assistance with a loved one. She also serves as a Professional Consultant to churches who need to refer parishioners for help, or who have concerns about individual members and don't know where to turn for assistance.


Elder Advocates provides individualized services on a case-by-case basis to the client and their family.

1.Personal Representative Services - In instances where no Will exists or is written with no personal representative designated or able to act, and an independent representative is preferred, Elder Advocates can serve as the Personal Representative. We will work closely with an attorney to go through the probate process and settle the estate in a timely fashion. 

2.Health Care Surrogate / Care Manager – Elder Advocates can serve in a health care surrogate capacity and manage medical care. A client services agreement will be entered into by a legally competent adult to designate Ms. Lyon-Hall as the pre-need decision maker for all health care decisions. The competent adult may revoke this appointment at any time as specified in the services contract or HCS legal documents. Family members or individuals may also hire Elder Advocates as Care Managers to assist with coordination of medical care and assistance with related issues such as insurance, caregivers and transportation.

3.Power of Attorney/Financial Manager – Financial management of the property may be elected on a voluntary basis through a client services agreement or through a Power of Attorney. Customized services for bill paying and financial management may include whatever level of involvement the client requests. The competent adult may revoke this appointment at any time as specified in the services contract. 


4.Trustee or Trust Advisor – Elder Advocates may serve as a Trustee, Successor Trustee, or Trust Advisor. This service must be designated in conjunction with estate planning with your attorney.  


5. Church Advisor - Elder Advocates frequently serves as an advisor to various churches to advise them on elder issues.  Churches need trusted individuals to refer to their parishioners and their families when encountering members in need of help, including Assisted Living Facility placement, navigating hospitalizations and rehabs, and insurance questions.  In addition, Elder Advocates can offer help when a pastor/minister is concerned with a parishioner's living situation after visiting the home or is concerned a church member may be experiencing exploitation or neglect.

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Elder Advocacy and the additional services available to the client must be tailored specifically to each individual. Just as every person is unique, every situation presents unique challenges and opportunities. Please consult with your elder law attorney and Elder Advocates to see how we can help you. 

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