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Hezekiah - A Conversation With The Enemy  

It is available on Amazon and other retail outlets for $13.

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"Hezekiah, A Conversation With the Enemy has been great for me.  It fosters fellowship among Christian women who want to learn more about God and desire to get close to him."

- Aida Norton Polanco, Mortellaro Law

Hezekiah - A Conversation With the Enemy

Have you ever wanted a peek at the devil’s playbook?

This six-week Bible study does exactly that, as revealed to us through Isaiah Chapter 36. Utilizing the framework of the king of Assyria’s threats to Judah’s King Hezekiah, this spellbinding Bible study delves into the enemy’s attack strategies and our best defensive tactics, while expounding on God’s purposes and character.

This Bible study does a line by line examination of Isaiah Chapter 36 analyzing each statement from the enemy and either provides pragmatic ways to refute the accusations or else demonstrates the fallacy in the enemy’s logic through word studies and other scriptural references.

The six weeks of study are grouped into Introduction, Initial Attack, Temptation, The Fall, Choosing to Stand, and Deliverance. Join Liz Lyon-Hall as she:

•Explores subjects such as how God uses Satan for His purposes, suicide, atheism/agnosticism, and the consequences of sin.

•Reveals the devil’s weapons including his use of shame, secrecy, doubt, deception, and other strategies targeting Christians today.

•Discusses practical ways to counter these attacks.

•Encourages stimulating conversations in small group study.

God’s character shines through this study to encourage and enlighten readers to fight the good fight. 

Available for purchase 

Purchase copies online at A​mazon.​com and ​​ or schedule a book signing event.

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